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Recover Deleted Plans

Plans that are deleted from your calendar are stored in the recycle bin for 3 days.  You can recover them there if they were removed by mistake.

Note: Plans that are deleted from your Cubby will also appear here.

Recycle Bin

To view your deleted plans click the recycle bin icon at the top of your daily or weekly calendar.

Deleted Plans
Clicking the recycle bin icon will bring you to a list of your deleted plans.  The most recent will be at the top.

There may be multiple pages if you've deleted many plans recently.  There is a way to navigate the pages at the bottom.

Recover Plans

To recover a deleted plans click the Copy to Cubby link on the right for the plan you want to restore.


That will put the plan in your Cubby.  Check out The Cubby article to see how to move it back into your plans.

Note: The plans will remain in your deleted plans list.

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