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Cubby Folders

You can organize the plans you store in your Cubby into folders for easier access.  

Organize Your Cubby

Once you have plans in your Cubby open it by clicking the Cubby tab on the left.  Initially all plans will appear in the list.  At the bottom will be a link to Organize your Cubby.

Your Cubby

On this page you'll see a list of all your plans that are stored in The Cubby.  Initially plans will go into the unsorted area.  From there you can move them to a folder.

Create Folders

You can click the Add Folder button at the top to create a new folder.  You can create as many folders as you need.

You'll need to give your new folder a name.

Move Plans Between Folders

Your new folder will appear below the unsorted plans.  

You can now move plans to the folder by dragging them using the green arrows icon.

Click and hold the icon with your mouse. Hover over the folder you want to move it to and then release.

Note: You can use the same process to move plans between folders.

The Cubby With Folders

When you view your Cubby you'll need the list of folders, along with any unsorted plans.

You can click the folder name to expand it and see the plans stored in it.

Once the folder is open plans can be moved or copied to your calendar as normal.

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