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Bumping a Day's Plans - Forwards

Sometimes you need to move an entire day forward, pushing all future plans forward as well.  We call this "Bumping". 

What Gets Bumped

When you bump a day, only certain types of plans get moved.  One time plans and rotations will be moved, but daily or weekly plans will not.  Schools that operate on a weekly schedule may have a class that meets every Tuesday (ex. a special such as Art or Music), that generally wouldn't be bumped to the next day. 

However if you school uses a rotation then those classes would be bumped for off days and meet the following day.

Bump Entire Day

When you are in the weekly view, you'll see a cog icon next to each of the day names.  You can click on that icon to bring up a menu of options for that day.

After clicking "Bump", you will get a message confirming the action.  After clicking "Confirm", all the plans for that day will move forward, as well as pushing any future plans forward a day.

Off Days With Bumping

If there is an unexpected day you need to bump (such as a Snow Day), you can mark that and bump at the same time.  Click on the cog icon and select "Off Day".  You can enter a reason for the Off Day, such as Snow Day, and also select the box for bumping.


If you bump a day accidentally, you can undo it by clicking the "Undo" link that appears at the top of the page (below the planbook title).

Bumping Notes

  • If you've previously marked holiday and vacations using the Off Days feature, those days will be skipped when bumping.

  • Weekends or any other days that aren't part of your calendar will also be skipped when bumping.

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