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Bumping a Day's Plans- Backwards

Just like you can "Bump" an entire day forward, you can also use reverse bumping to push your plans backwards.

When you bump a day, forwards or backwards, only certain types of plans get moved.  One time plans and rotations will be moved, but daily or weekly plans will not.  Schools that operate on a weekly schedule may have a class that meets every Tuesday (ex. a special such as Art or Music), that generally wouldn't be bumped to the next day. 

However, if your school uses a rotation, then those classes would be bumped for off days and meet the following day.

Reverse Bumping

There may be times when you want to bump your plans backwards.  When you are in the weekly view, you'll see a cog icon next to each of the day names.  You can click on that icon to bring up a menu of options for that day.

Select "Clear" and then "Bump Plans Back" to move your plans backwards.


If you clear a day accidentally, you can undo it by clicking the "Undo" link that appears at the top of the page (below the planbook title).

Bumping Notes

  • If you've previously marked holiday and vacations using the Off Days feature, those days will be skipped when reverse bumping.

  • Weekends or any other days that aren't part of your calendar will also be skipped when reverse bumping.

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