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Share Your Planbook

Although only premium accounts can share their planbooks, anyone can view a shared planbook - you don't even need an account.

Sharing your planbook allows others to easily view your plans. Whether it's a colleague, principal or substitute, you can decide exactly what they can see and for how long. To get started you first need to click on "Share" in the main menu


You will brought to a page showing all the shares that you've created.


There are two options on this page: "Share Planbook" and "Planbooks Shared With You". We'll get to the second one in a moment. For now, clicking on "Share Planbook" allows you to setup the rules for sharing your planbook. Let's go through each of the options.

Which planbook do you want to share?

First you select which planbook you'd like to share. There may only be one in the list or you may have a bunch if you have a lot of planbooks.

What portion of your planbook do you want to share?

Next you select the date range you'd like to share. You can share your entire planbook (the default) or select a specific week or day. This is useful if you are sharing with a substitute and only want to share one day.

How long do you want your shared planbook to be accessible?

The next option allows you to set how long you want your shared plan to be accessible. You chose when it will be expire by selecting one of the options: "1 Day", "1 Week", "1 Month", "1 Year" and "Never". For example if you set it to "1 Month", they will not be able to see your planbook 1 month and 1 day for today.

Who can see your shared planbook?

The "Access" option causes the most confusion. There are two choices: "Restricted" and "Open". If you set this to "Restricted" only people you chose will be allowed to see your planbook. You decide who sees it by entering their email in the next section. When that person attempts to see your planbook they will need to use the same email that you entered. Setting this option to "Open" allows anyone to see your planbook. This is useful if you plan on posting a link to your planbook on your website or blog.

How do I let people know I've shared my planbook?

There are two ways to do this. The first is to check the "Send notification email" checkbox. Then when you click "Save" an email will be sent to all the email addresses you entered in the "Emails" option. Note: Although we make every effort to deliver the email, because of various spam filters that may be running on the recipients email server we can not guarantee that it will reach them.


If you set your shared planbook to be "Restricted" in the previous section you need to enter some email addresses, otherwise no one will be able to see it. If you set the previous option to "Open" you can use this option to send email notifications, but it won't have any affect on who can see your shared planbook.

Your shared planbooks

After clicking save you'll be brought back to the previous screen with your newly created shared planbook listed. You can make any changes by clicking "Edit" or remove the shared planbook by clicking "Delete". This will not delete your planbook, just the shared settings. The other important column is "Link". This is the web address that can be used to see your planbook. You can post the link on a website or blog, or send it in an email or IM.

Planbooks shared with you

If you already have a PlanbookEdu account you can view all the planbooks shared with you by clicking on "Share" in the menu and then "Planbooks Shared With You". You'll be brought to a page with a list of all the planbooks that have been shared with you.

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