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If we don't include the standards you are looking for, we also support custom standards.  You can read about how to include those here.

To use the standards in your planbook is very easy.  You'll have to first select the standards (state, grade, subject) you want to use in your planbook.  Then you'll be able to add individual standards to your plans.

Enabling The Standards For Your Planbook

Since not all teachers use these standards you must first you must enable the standards for your planbook.  You can do this for a new planbook or an existing one.  Go to "Planbooks" in the main navigation.  Then either "Create New" or "edit" your existing planbooks.  One of the options will be a checkbox to enable the standards.

Adding Standards To Your Plans

Once you have turned on standards for your planbook you will see a search box when you edit a period.  Start typing any part of the standard into the box and a list of matching standards will appear.

Select the standard you would like and it will be added to the period.  To remove a standard simply click the "x" icon next to it.

Once you save your entry the standards will appear in a box on the top of the period.  You can mouse over the standard code to get the full description.


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