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Copy Your Planbook

This feature is available to users with premium accounts.

For many teachers their planbooks are similar year to year.  To avoid the hassle of having to re-enter your plans for a new year you can simply copy an old planbook and use it as a starting point. 

Copying Your Planbook

To get started first click on "Planbooks" in the blue navigation bar.  This will bring you to a list of all your planbooks.  

Click on the "Create Planbook" button and you'll be given a choice of starting a new blank planbook or copying an existing one.

If you choose "Copy", you can then select which planbook to copy.

On the next screen you will be given the options to name your new planbook and set a start date.  We recommend changing the name to something that will be easy to identify.  The Previous Start Date option is important for having your plans align in the new year.  Make sure it is correct for your previous school year.

After clicking "Copy" we will begin the process.  Depending on how many other teachers are copying planbooks it can take a few minutes up to a few hours.

Once it's done, we'll send you an email.  The new planbook will appear on your list when you click Planbooks in the blue navigation bar. Click on its name or "View" to check it out.

Understanding How It Works

We do our best to matchup up plans with the days of your new planbook, but it's virtually impossible to get it exact.  To better understand how the copy works, here is how each of the three entry types (once, daily, and weekly) are handled:

Once: One time entries are copied to the nth day from the start date matching your old planbook.  For example if you had a one time entry on Sept 17th, which was the 11th school day in your old planbook, it will be copied to the 11th school day of your new planbook based on the start date.

Daily: Daily entries that only cover a single week use a formula similar to the one time entries except, it will match the number of weeks since the start.  If you had a daily entry for the week of Oct 1st and this was the 5th week of school, it will be copied to the 5th week of your new planbook based on the start date.

Daily entries that are for all days will be set for that period for all the days of your planbook.

Weekly: Weekly entries that are "For all weeks" will be set for the day of the week and period for all weeks.  If every Monday, 5th period you had an entry "Lunch", then in your new planbook every Monday, 5th period would be "Lunch".

If the entry was marked "Weekly, going forward", the system will count the number of weeks since the start date and use that when setting when the entry should start appearing in your new planbook.


If you copy your planbook and find that the plans are a day or two off you can delete the planbook and try again.  Simply adjust the previous start date on the copy page to get a better match.


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