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Custom Standards

In addition to Common Core Standards, PlanbookEdu also allows you to enter your own custom standards. This tutorial will walk you through how to create your first set of standards.

Enable Custom Standards

Custom standards must be turned on for any planbook you'd like to include them in.  To do that go to "Planbooks" in the main navigation and either create a new planbook or edit an existing one.  One you are on the edit screen look in the "Standards and Curriculum" section.

Check the box next to "Custom" to include custom standards in your planbook.  Remember to Save after making any changes.

Adding Custom Standards

Click your planbook name to go to the calendar view. Once there you will see a new option in the menu called "Standards".

When you first go to the Standards it will be empty. To create your first custom standards set click the "Add Standards" button.

To create a custom standards set you need to give it a name. There is also an option to share your standards anonymously with the PlanbookEdu community. More on that later.

Once you have given your standards a name you can begin entering them. Each standard has a code and a description. When you add the standard to your plans you will be able to search for either of these.

You can add as many standards as you like by clicking the "Add Another Standard" button.  Once you are done, save your standards by clicking the "Save" button. You can come back later to make any changes or add new standards.

Using Your Custom Standards

Once your standards are saved you can include them the same way the Common Core are included.  Go to your plans and edit any of the entries. You need to use the "Edit" link, not the quick edit mode. Start typing in the Standards box and list of matching standards will appear. Select the standard you want and it will be added to your plans.

Sharing Custom Standards

When you are creating your standards there is a checkbox to anonymously share your standards with the PlanbookEdu community. We hope that if you are creating a custom standard set that you believe will be useful you'll check the box. Once we have a good collection of standards we will provide a way to search and include these community standards as an alternative to having to create your own set.


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