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Community Standards

Share Your Standards

When you are creating your standards you'll see one or two options that will allow you to share your standards with your school or with entire PlanbookEdu community.

Note: The option to share your standards with your group will only appear for users signed up through their school or district.

If you plan on sharing your standards we ask that you follow a common naming convention which will make it easier for others to find them.  The format is Region, Grade, Subject.  For example: New Jersey, 2nd Grade, Math. The grade can be left out for standards that aren't for a specific grade.  For example: Arizona, Algebra II.

Finding Shared Standards

Like the Common Core standards you will first need to enable Custom standards for your planbook.  You can do this when you first create your planbook or when by editing it (Planbooks -> Standards). Click the button to toggle the Custom standards.  The red X will change to a green check.

After saving your planbook click on Standards in the main navigation.  There will now be button called Community, which is for searching the shared standards.

When you click on that you will be able to search by email address of the person who shared the standards or by the standards name.

The results will be presented below the search box.

You can preview any of the results by clicking on the name or the preview link.

Once you have found a set of standards that you'd like to use click the "Select" link and they will be copied to your account.  Then you can edit or add to them as needed. 

Note: Since you are taking a copy of the standards any changes the original author makes will not be reflected in your standards.  Likewise any changes you make will only apply to your version of the standards.

At the moment there are over 600 shared standards sets.  We hope you're able to find the standards you use, but if not you can add them using our custom standards and share them with the rest of the PlanbookEdu community.

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